April 30th

Reiki Meditation (90 min)

We will start our day by cleansing our energy to open ourselves up for the work that we will do that day. Whitney Rud, an energy healer, will be leading us through a meditation and walking around to individually attune each person. 

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A timeline of your retreat

Welcome to mind.body.soul. During this retreat you will experience the amazing healing work that Whitney Rud performs in her Reiki sessions,  we will work through two workshops hosted by our trained life coaches, Ashley Yates & Tyann Bjorkman. In these workshops, you will learn how to identify your blocks, how to let go, release, and start healing. After a catered lunch, We are also going to enjoy the soothing and healing vibrations of a sound bath in person together.  Lastly, we will end the day using one of Peach Mango's uniquely crafted and artistic activities to expand ourselves into the more confident version. 

More details below.

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Identifying the blocks (60 min)

Part of healing is recognizing the patterns in life that haven't been working, Becoming aware of what is and isn't working or creating happiness in your life. In this workshop, our trained Life Coaches Tyann & Ashley will teach you how to identify these areas of life that need healing or attention so that you can begin the work to create the life and version of yourself you desire. 

Sound Bath (45 min)

Sound healing is a powerful tool that has been used for thousands of years to clear energetic blockages, align your chakras, and cleanse the spirit. It is a soothing and deeply relaxing tool to reset and even awaken the mind and spirit. 

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Fire Ritual (45 min)

Once you identify your blocks, you may wonder what to do next. How do you move forward if you have something that has caused you deep heartache? Maybe you're a person who likes to have a physical ritual to symbolize the inner work you are doing. We will teach you a ritual to release many of these things and allow you to create space for the positive you are ready to welcome into your life.

Embody your confidence (3.5hrs)

After a day of incredible inner work, we will celebrate your positive progress with our uniquely crafted photoshoots. They have been designed to help you embrace and embody the confident version of yourself that you are re-discovering. Be prepared to fall in love with yourself. Attendees will receive a digital gallery of their professionally retouched images. 

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How to purchase your ticket

If you are ready to embark on the incredible and expansive journey to self-love, we invite you to join us at the mind.body.soul. retreat!

Tickets are $699 for nonmembers and $599 for members.

Payment options are available if you email : contact@peachmangosociety.com