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Model Call

So you're interested in our model call?!?! 
Can I just say- THANK YOU... and oh my god girl, get ready. Because you're about to have the best experience ever.

Not every one of our clients likes to have their images shared, this is where model calls come in. This is where YOU come in. Model calls allow us to gather new content to share and showcase all of the different sets we offer as well as share our work with other potential clients. 

Let's walk through what you're going to get and what a session is like! Then at the end if you have any questions we can hop on a phone call or if you're ready to go we can get you booked in for a session!!! 

One of the best parts of a boudoir session....

...is that these sessions are as much of a gift, if not MORE of a gift for YOU. Yes, we're going to get amazing images and put them into gorgeous products that you can gift/share with someone else... but the experience you will walk away with doesn't compare. 

I've said it a million times and I will say it a million more- the most amazing part for me is when I see the blossom happen. So many women walk in here wrecked with nerves.. but by the time they leave??? They've turned into Beyonce! hahah

What does your day look like???

1. Hair & makeup

When you arrive at the studio we will jump straight into hair and makeup (this is included in the waived session fee)  Make sure you come with a clean moisturized face and clean dry hair. We usually try to start hair and makeup about 9-10 am


2. Outfits

Next we will sort through any outfits you brought with you- I may throw some of the outfits from our client closet at you once we see you in person and tell you to try them on! haha we will choose your favorites and get to work! 

3. Your shoot

I typically shoot for 45 min to an hour depending on what sets we use. I will guide you through this entire process... literally down to what to do with your hands, feet, and facial expressions! (haha if you're like me... you might freeze when someone points a camera at you.. but I promise between my bad jokes and hilariously clumsy self we will be laughing nearly all day! We usually wrap up shooting about 12-1:30 depending on when we started and what sets we do. 


4. Reveal

After your sessions is over I will send you off to go get lunch or go shopping for about 2-2.5 hours while I edit you photos! Then once they're done I will message you (about 15 min from when I'm ready) and have your head back to the studio where we will do the reveal portion of your session. This usually starts about 2:20-3:30. (This is why I tell you to plan to be with me the whole day! haha) 
This part of your sessions is where you're going to see your images for the first time and get to choose which ones to put into your album or folio box etc... We will design your album right there and I will email digitals to you I that was part of a collection you chose <3


So.. what all does the waived session fee include? ($500 value)

  • Pre-shoot Consultation

  • Wardrobe Styling & Advice- I can help you find what to wear, and where to find it if you need it! 

  • Access to client closet- I literally cannot stop buying lingerie so we have sizes s-4xl

  • Professional Hair & Makeup

  • Posing and Facial Expression Direction

  • 45 min- one-hour photoshoot

  • Professional Retouching of your images

  • Custom Album Design

  • Guided Ordering Session

  • Prints & Products are sold separately and not included in the session fee

  • A la carte albums start at $1200

  • Collections start at $2200

Important Things To Know!

  • Pre-Session Payment Plans are available. We will go over this during our consult call after you book your session. There are also some amazing bonuses available when you set up your payment plan!

  • Reservation fees are retainers and are non-refundable.

  • Either pre-payment of your product/collection or a pre-session payment plan is required before your session date.

  • Rescheduling Policy-  If you should need to reschedule, please notify us at least 30 days in advance. We offer your first reschedule complimentary as long as you let us know before the 30-day mark. If you require a second reschedule or it's less than 30 days from your session, there is a $250 rescheduling fee.


Prints & Product breakdown:

Pre Session Bonuses.png

Love notes from clients:


"I want to tell any ladies on the fence about boudoir DO IT. I am not exaggerating when I say that doing this for myself has been the most empowering experience of this year and probably my life. Tyann is not only incredibly talented and GORGEOUS, but she has a warm and welcoming presence and we started talking with ease like we were already friends. I was incredibly nervous but she honored my feelings and helped me feel more comfortable. I really liked that no conversation is off the table with her because I really value people who think outside of the box like I do. So we actually covered so many topics in the time I spent with her. Also, the Glam Squad ladies Kendall Knight and Courtney Hershey are incredibly talented and I felt so beautiful and cared for. And I haven't felt like that in a really long time. Tyann had an amazing Playlist and had so many fun ideas for poses. But most of all she fed my soul. We laughed and cried together and the mantras we practiced together were and are still so healing. And then I saw my pictures and I was just floored that I looked like such goddess. Ladies, I am proof that no matter what color or body shape you are , who you love and what you believe in you are so deserving of seeing what a beauty you were created to be. Tyann reaches into your heart and brings it out and teaches you how to own it and live it. My life has not been the same since I met Tyann or had this photoshoot. I am empowered to finally have my own voice and choose to show up in the world like I want to show up in this life. Please do this for yourself. It's time. Allow yourself to heal and be ready to shine for yourself and your fellow sisters and the future little ladies that also deserve to grow up in a kinder more accepting world. And like all the wonderful women who are in this group, I am here to see you and celebrate YOU


If anyone has been on the fence about doing a budoir shoot, let me just tell you, IGNORE the reasons why you think you can’t. Here’s some thoughts I had leading up to this:

What if I hate how I look in them?

What if it’s embarrassing to be this exposed in front of someone I don’t know very well?

What if I can’t afford it?

What if my body type isn’t meant to do this?

If this is you, STOP IT RIGHT NOW.

you will nottttt hate them, I promise. Even if you’re notoriously known for hating every picture you’re in (like me) Tyann is incredible at making you feel beautiful if your own skin.

I need to brag about Tyann a little with this one. Genuinely I have never met a person who is easier to be around. Her energy is so inviting and comforting. Not once did I feel insecure or embarrassed. I felt empowered and beautiful!! I couldn’t WAIT to see my pictures.

Money is always a stressful issue, especially around the holidays, but there are sooo many options for so many budgets. You can do a pay plan that works for you. Girl, you can have your cake AND eat it too.

Every body type, shape, color, weight, height deserved to feel loved and appreciated. YOU deserve to see how beautiful you are.

That’s all


If you need to schedule a call to go over details first:


XOXO Peaches


If you already know you want to schedule your session now- You can select the date/time and take care of your reservation fee here:

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